Amid arrest of thousands of doctors, NMC Bill gets passed in Lok Sabha

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Amid arrest of thousand of doctors and medical students who assembled today in  Delhi in protest of NMC Bill ,  the Central Government today passed the controversial bill in  Lok Sabha without any amendments. The protest started today in morning in front of AIIMS Hospital, where roughly more than 5,000 doctors and medical students assembled against NMC Bill. 
The police came to handle the protestors while they were marching towards Nirman Bhavan. Before the voting could begin on the bill, different opposition parties suggested various amendments to the Act, but no amendments were approved as they lack majority.  
According to Indian Medical Association over 5,000 doctors had gathered for the protest. Doctors and the government are at an impasse over the clause of Community Health Providers in the bill, proposed NEXT exam, anti federal nature , anti poor and pro rich elements.  
Among the prominent doctors who were detained by Police include Dr Santanu Sen, National President of IMA , Dr RV Ashokan ( Secretary General) , Dr Sreejith N Kumar , Dr Ravi Wankhadekar , Dr Rajan , Dr Agarwal , Dr Ajoy among others. Around 1000 of students from different parts of the country were also detained while they were protesting along with student leaders and junior doctors.  
The bill largely termed as Anti poor mark a black day in the history of healthcare as the government is blatant to pass the bill ignoring the concerns raised by the fraternity itself. The bill which provides for limited license to community health providers without having a MBBS degree will deteriorate the healthcare standards of rural India as it will allow non-MBBS to practise modern medicine.  It will deprive poor people from their basic right of quality health services.

Dr  Santanu Sen, the national president of IMA, said the “government will have blood on its hands” if Section 32 of the NMC Bill 2019 is not removed. 
A press release put out by the IMA on July 23 stated: 
‘The lack of vision and clarity in coupling the NEET and NEXT is striking. 
The licentiate examination will license the minimum qualified person to practice medicine, NEET will be selecting the best student aspiring for the postgraduate medical education. The lack of proper guidelines on what pattern the exam will be conducted and from when it will be in effect leaves the future of undergraduate MBBS students in dark.  
Provision to fix fees of private medical colleges capped at 50 per cent of the seats has been further diluted to framing guidelines only.  
The bill has crossed it’s first big hurdle and will now be tabled in Rajya Sabha. The next move of medical fraternity is uncertain as the IMA has today claimed that the bill is being forced upon the fraternity without hearing the genuine concerns in backdrop of big majority that the ruling party enjoys in Parliament. Medical Students Network which was leading the agitation termed the entire act as a step to curb their voices and has declared it as a black day for the healthcare community and health services of the country. 


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PranavaRishi Vijayabaskaran

We don't want NEXT exam ....there is nothing use in this ...our final year theory and practical exams become waste


Deebalakshmi C

We dont want NEXT exam