DBT- BIRAC to organise Leadership Dialogue Series lecture at AIIMS Delhi on 29th July.

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Photo Credit: DBT-Birac (For public information)

Department of biotechnology (DBT) India  and AIIMS New Delhi is  inviting science enthusiasts   to DBT - BIRAC Leadership Dialogue series lecture 'Innovating for  Impact' by Dr. Trevor Mundel on 29th July in JL Auditorium AIIMS Delhi. This session is second in succession in the initiative launched by DBT- BIRAC under the title Leadership Dialogue Series. The previous one held in Bengaluru was addressed by renowned scientist Bharat Ratna Prof. CNR Rao.  

Dr. Trevor Mundel, President of Global Health, at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will present his views on how India can be one of the leading countries in helping solve some of the world’s toughest health challenges. The timings of the lecture is 4.30 pm in the evening. The lecture  will include brainstorming session on developing different innovative methodologies to solve health care problems and build a future roadmap of coordinated efforts in making India a leader in quality healthcare.  

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