IMA raises White Alarm, Docs to observe Black Day on 23rd April demanding Central Protection Law

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With the rising incidents of violence against doctors and allied healthcare professionals, Indian Medical Association has sent a strong warning and demanded immediate enactment of Central Law by Home Ministry to counter the incidents of violence against doctors and inappropriate behaviour meted out against the fraternity. The latest incidence was reported during  the cremation of Dr Simon at the cremation ground where about 50 people attacked with sticks and stones and caused severe injuries to drivers of the ambulance and health inspectors ( corporation staff ) at the burial ground. The incident took place in Chennai. Similar incidents of violence were reported from Indore, Telangana , Moradabad , Meerut , Surat and other parts of country.

Country's largest network of doctors stated in a press brief that 

"IMA has maintained utmost restraint and patience inspite of extreme provocations. Doctors have been abused, beaten up, denied entry and residence. Obstruction to cremation is the last straw that IMA can bear.
If dignity is denied even in death, our patience and restraint lose their value.
We demand a special Central Law against violence on Doctors , nurses, health care workers and Hospitals by
an ordinance.

Several violent incidents later , we are where we started our journey. The Covid 19 has only made us acutely aware of our helplessness against mindless abuse and violence. Stigma and social boycott are everywhere.
Harassment by administration is nothing but violence by the State. Our patience and restraint are signs of strength. Our legitimate needs for safe workplaces have to be met. Abuse and Violence should stop immediately.

White alert to the nation.
All doctors and hospitals to light a candle as protest and vigil.

IMA letter said "
Let not our white become red
Let the Doctors be safe
Let the Hospitals be safe
Enact Central law by Ordinance

IMA Communication also states that
If the Government fails to enact Central Law on violence against Doctors and Hospitals even after White
Alert then it will observe Black Day on Thursday 23.04.2020 and all the  doctors in the country will work with black badges .

Senior IMA leader & former national president of organisation Dr. Ravi Wankhedkar said 

Humanity is dead and needs resuscitation
Very  sorry state of affairs,
Mere words of condemnation will not suffice. 
No dignity even after death. 
Already we are beaten and stigmatised when alive. 
If this is happening in midst of a crisis ,imagine what will happen after it subsides. 

Further decisions will be taken if suitable steps are not taken by the Government even after Black Day.
It has to be realised that the doctors are rendering services at extreme risk to
themselves. No nation sends its army to warwithout weapons. Doctors, nurses and health
care workers of this country have been sent to fight against COVID 19 without PPEs and they are dying young defending their people. If the value of such services are not realised,
the easiest thing for the doctor community will be to sit at home.

The bigger sufferers will
be the community. Already all interventions have been withdrawn.If more services are going to be withheld for non medical reasons it will be unfortunate. The state Governments concerned are better warned to perform their constitutional duties as
expected. Failing which IMA has no option but to resort to drastic steps to protect the rights of the medical profession. Appropriate Retaliatory measures will be decided if the constitutional machinery breaks down.

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Anil Dube

I support the initiative taken by I M A


Yatin Shah

I fully support our association and will join hands in fighting against such misbehaving by anybody ,which obstructs our duty as. D octors and helping people. Government must protect USl as we are putting our lives in saving people in this serious ,severe conditions Jay hind


Jitendra Patel

If government of India fails to bring the central protection law than the black day on 23rd April is not a solution. Don't forget that we have done black day many a times in past without rewards . If the government fails to bring the law there should be Nation wide pen down strike for a week or till the law is made. AND DURING THE STRIKE NO BODY WILL EVEN HANDLE EMERGENCIES ALSO. LET SOME PEOPLE DIE. THERE SHOULD BE NO MERCY FROM ANY BODY. OUR POLITICIANS ARE VERY SHROUD. GOVERNMENT WILL PROMISE TO LOOK INTO THE MATTER AND WE WILL START WORKING IN A HOPE THAT LAW WILL BE MADE BUT TAKE IT FROM ME THAT WE WILL BE CHEATED AGAIN AS CHEATED MANY TIMES BEFORE. SOME WILL THINK THAT THIS IS UNHUMATARIAN BUT GOVERNMENT WILL NOT BREAK WITHOUT STERN ACTIONS.


Prajapati Narendrabhai

We all are with you sir This is the right time to Conway our masses to central government without Central protection act we cannot work in future Thanks ??