Indian Psychiatric Society condemns use of Stem Cell therapy in treating mental disorders

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Indian Psychiatric Society, in a position statement released today has condemned the use of stem cell therapy in treatment of psychiatric illness especially autism.  The position statement released by the top most body of psychiatrists in India talked about the use of stem cells for the treatment of psychiatric disorders, laying emphasis on autism, and said that the Society condemns its use in such treatments. 

They have made it clear in their position statement that stem cells, may have regenerative potential but currently do not have a place in therapy in psychiatry.

Derangements in neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative trajectories of the brain cause autism and other psychiatric disorders. Therefore scientific evidences as to which pathogenic processes cause the symptoms of these disorders are till now inconclusive.

Thus, clearly there's no scientific evidence that could validate the use of stem cells in treatment of autism and other disorders, the Psychiatric Society stated.

The statement also referred to the list of guidelines published by Indian Council of Medical Research with indications for stem cell treatment, wherein, none of the psychiatric disorders including autism had found place. 

The statement, authorized by Dr. Vinay Kumar, General Secretary and Dr. Mrugesh Vaishnav, President, Indian Psychiatric Society has offered solemn condemnation of the use of stem cell theory in this domain, especially autism, until the time when there's enough scientific evidence to justify its application.

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