Calls open for Biotech Ignition Grant 2020 to support innovative ideas in healthcare & lifesciences

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Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council ( BIRAC ) has opened calls for 2020 session of Biotech Ignition Grant to support novel innovative ideas in the areas of biotechnology, healthcare , pharmaceuticals, diagnostics , etc.


BIRAC believes in encouraging novel ideas that have a commercialisation potential and that evolve out from start-ups or academic spin-offs. BIRAC’s strategy is therefore to support the numerous exciting ideas which have an unmet need for funding and mentorship. This strategy is fulfilled through a grant funding scheme called Biotechnology Ignition Grant (BIG) which is available to scientist entrepreneurs from research institutes, academia and startups.

 This scheme supports innovations in healthcare, Life sciences, medical devices, diagnostics and many other allied fields, and can boast of having already supported over 500 ideas.


  1.  Foster generation of ideas with commercialisation potential
  2. Upscale and validate of proof of concept
  3. Encourage researchers to take technology closer to market through a start up
  4. Stimulate enterprise formation

As part of this scheme, successful BIG Innovators receive up to INR 50 lakh (USD 70,000 approx) for research projects with commercialisation potential with duration of up to 18 months.

The BIG Scheme is currently managed through 8 BIG Partners across the country who work with the Ignition grantees (BIG Innovators) to provide mentoring, monitoring, networking and other business development related activities.

Key features of call

Supports high level innovation in the Biotech sector and is not meant for basic research projects.

Grant-in-aid up-to INR 50 lakhs for a maximum period of 18 months
Implementation and Mentoring through BIRAC’s BIG Partners


BIRAC invites proposals from Biotech Start-ups and Individual Entrepreneurs with innovative idea having potential for commercialization. Eligible entities include:

Start up age allowed for a registered company/ LLP incorporated under BIG w.e.f 1st Jan 2019: 5 years
Scientists, Faculty, Research Scholars, Graduates in any discipline incubating/ intend to incubate at a BioIncubator 
Eligibility criteria for startups under BIG has been revised

Last Date for submission of applications: 15-02-2020 12:00 AM

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