Medical colleges across India stands in support of Jamia , AMU students, rejects Citizenship law.

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While the universities and common public  all across the nation have been protesting against the anti-secular, anti-democratic and anti-poor combination of CAA-NRC that the ruling party wishes to implement, medical institutes all over the country are also coming in support of peaceful student protests and against CAA-NRC. 


Students of AIIMS Delhi, took out a peaceful march in support of students of Jamia and Aligarh despite strict warnings from college administration to refrain from any agitation. The students deemed this as a much needed act and showed their unconditional support to their colleagues.

AIIMS Raipur Medical Students' Union issued a statement making it clear that it strongly condemns the brutal attack on protesting students on 15th December, 2019. The statement called the violent squashing of protests "unexplainable" and turning of their universities into battlefields "unjustified". Expressinvbuts solidarity with protesting students, the statement by ARMSU went, "We stand in solidarity with our fellow students across the nations, who are using their constitutional right to put their point forward, in order to protect what s their fundamental right." 

The Medical College Democratic Students' Association of Kolkata's Medical College also condemned the violence on students of AMU, JMI and LU in the name of  in a statement issued on December 17. According to MCDSA, the CAA opposes the secular and egalitarian spirit of the Indian Constitution and has "anti-people and anti-poor" character.  They deem the protests as not only the righteous but also imperative, holding both the PM and FM responsible for instigating police terror by irresponsible comments. MCDSA also supported he demand of an immediate CBI inquiry in the issue.

The Students' Union, Lady Hardinge Medical College also joined the voices condemning the violent attacks on protesting students calling the "targeting of a certain minority of our country" as unjust and unfair. "CAB and NRC together will end up making our own citizens mere strangers in our homeland."

The Medical Students Association of India which is country's largest network of medical students  also came in support of protesting students by expressing its "deepest concerns towards the Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Registry of Citizens (NRC)". MSAI believes that these affect the people of India and threaten access to basic necessities. Calling CAA-NRC discriminatory and preferring those who have documentations, it said this is a potential barrier to accessing of healthcare facilities by all. It also condemned the Internet blackouts and network disruptions while condemning the violent repression of student protests.

Students Association AIIMS Bhopal issued a "Letter of Solidarity" towards protesting students on December 19.  It stated that history is full of movements led by students and called the brutal crushing of their voices unconstitutional and regressive. "The fight for our rights shall never cease before victory".

There are still some sections who are deeming the protests unnecessary and more concerned about destruction of public property. One such is Resident Doctors Association of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rishikesh which issued a statement titled "United we stand, divided we misunderstand". Calling the students agitation across the country disappointing it condemned the vandalism of public properties and national assets in various states. 

Vardhman Medical College Bihar held a candlelight vigil in support and solidarity of students of JMI, AMU and across the country and against the ruthless repression of the protests by students.

Darbhanga Medical College also of Bihar reported similar protests from students and they pledged their support to students fraternity of Jamia, AMU. 

Similar reports from different medical colleges of Kerala was reported were students took out peaceful protests march in solidarity with students and rejecting the CAA. 

UP's capital city Lucknow also witnessed similar protest from medical fraternity. Students from Era Medical College took the oath of constitution and showed solidarity with Jamia , AMU and DU students. Protest was also reported from students of Integral Institute of Medical Sciences, Dr RML Institute of Medical Sciences among others. 

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