AIIMS Delhi declares solidarity with Jamia, AMU students , rejects unconstitutional Citizenship Act.

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Since the Citizenship Ammendment Act been passed, many parts of the country and significantly students of Jamia Millia Islamia and Aligarh Muslim University have been protesting against the discriminatory law. AIIMS in a press note also put forward the collective disaccord of its doctors, UG students, scientists and nurses with the act.

"We unitedly read preamble of constitution outside AIIMS & at India gate to give strong message to Modi Shah that India will only be governed by constitution and not by their hooliganism. If they resort to any other means then we will force them resign", read a press note by AIIMS.

Amidst protests against CAA and NRC and the violent actions of Delhi Police on December 15th in dealing with the students protesting, AIIMS stated that it condemns "the police brutality on innocent students of Jamia Milia Islamia & AMU."

The AIIMS community pledged together that they will not tolerate the oppression by the government on common citizens anymore and would strongly fight and resist it.
"Now every offence committed by Modi Shah will have strong reply from AIIMS".

Manish Kumar, President Students' Union of AIIMS, New Delhi issued a statement yesterday condemning the "violent and brutal repression of student protests" in New Delhi and other parts of India. The statement asserts about the CAA and NRC combined that it could result in "directed and vindictive vendetta against a certain minority"

The students also organised a peaceful candle light March in solidarity with the students community of the country and against brutal atrocities meted out to students of Jamai, AMU and Delhi University. The placards during march displayed slogans in support of Indian Universities and to safeguard human rights. 

Students Union also takes on the ruling party about how they talk big about protesting against the 1975 emergency but make use of harsh police repression against protesting students. Manish Kumar states that it would be a failure in duties and responsibilities as citizens of India if we don't hold the elected leaders accountable to uphold values of constitution and don't use constitutional methods for resistance.

Dr. Harjit Singh Bhatti, Ex President Resident Doctors Association, AIIMS Delhi also showed resistance against CAB by stating "I am a doctor & i am under oath to treat all human as equal irrespective of their region, religion, caste, race or ethnicity. I reject anti people, anti poor, anti minorities #CitizenAmendmentBill and will not cooperate with the proceedings of NRC".

Dr. Bhatti appealed all to practice civil disobedience by not showing their documents to prove their citizenship. 

The nationwide campus protests has engulfed all the major educational institutions of the country who are angered by the brutal police action in Delhi and Aligarh and are demanding to rollback the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act recently passed by the Parliament.

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