India Alliance to organise Developing Physician Scientists Workshop for young doctors

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Developing Indian Physician Scientists (DIPS) Workshop is being organised by Welcome Trust/DBT India Alliance in Delhi NCR from 21st to 23rd February 2020 .

The Developing Indian Physician Scientists (DIPS) workshops are organised with a view towards sparking a strong scientific curiosity in young doctors. DIPS workshops also work towards promoting an understanding of the frontiers of medicine and related sciences. 

The participants will benefit in the following ways and more:

I) The participants will receive training in quantitative methods
II) They'll receive training in research methodology, 
III) It is an opportunity to young clinicians to discuss the relevance of biomedical research and career options. 
IV) Eminent physician-scientists will make up the workshop faculty.


To be an eligible participant for the workshop, the applicant must be

I) An MBBS or an MD student training in an Indian medical institution

II) in agreement to pay a refundable advance of INR 2500 (MBBS) or INR 5000 (MD).
This advance will be refunded after the workshop to those who have attended the complete workshop.

III) able to make their own travel arrangements.
Accommodation(double occupancy) and meals will be provided

Last Date: 
The registration deadline is 1st January 2020.

Further Information:

Details of the workshop are avaialble at the DIPS website. In case of queries, please write to; it may take up to 3 working days for them to send a response.

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